WARNING: You are NSF School Censorship & Silence

Dear LGBTQ High School Student,

Just in case you thought you were safe from bullying or felt you might be learning to be  comfortable with your identity we,  your administration team,  want to tell you you are wrong.

What you are is so unacceptable that we will not even allow you to talk about it. You are not allowed to explain what the terms ‘gay’ ‘lesbian’ ‘transgender’ or ‘bisexual’ mean. If any student asks you what ‘LGBTQ’ stands for you must NOT respond. Do NOT talk about any of these concepts because this is too inappropriate for school grounds.

You are NSWS (Not Safe for School).



*The above is a parody of the information verbally given to my children about their Day of Silence activity plans. I wish the sentiment were a joke but that part sadly is very real.

You see,  yesterday BB and Elle were told by their GSA sponsor that the principal was told by the district that the GSA could do their Day of Silence activities BUT no club member was allowed to tell any student who asked what ‘LGBTQ’ stands for,  what any of the terms like gay,  lesbian,  transgender mean. They are also not allowed to explain to any other students why they are not able to respond. They have literally been issued a gag order about the Day of Silence.

It might be funny if it wasn’t so damn terrible.

When they were explaining all of this at the dinner table last night my transgender son J-Bird looked up and said,  “I guess no one can talk about what I am, huh? ”

I am livid. I am frightened for my children’s physical and emotional safety. I am so very sad.

What do I do? How do I help? Suggestions??

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  1. Sean Wise

    It’s a freedom of speech issue. The school board can not restrict their being able to speak about it. Contact Lambda Legal. They will probably work the case pro bono. http://www.lambdalegal.org/states-regions/texas


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