Tonight’s Edition of “Lessons from the Kids”

Baby Butch was telling me about how she and the teacher-sponsor for the GSA were working out the math for how many yards of material the club would need to make 200 armbands. The armbands are going to be worn in honor of the Day of Silence unless the school district administers decide to ban commemoration of this day of remembrance.

She said, “My teacher wanted us to use 2 feet of material for each armband so there was like a bunch hanging down. I mean,  I get it,  there is a certain traditional way that armbands are supposed to look but we are teenagers and that hasn’t ever happened in our lifetimes so we can do it however we want. There is no right way when you are doing it for your first time.”

To my Leather and LGBTQ activist friends,  take note of that last bit especially. This is the reality of the generations who will follow us. They can and will do it however they want and it will be OK.

They will still make armbands. They will still stand up for their rights. They will change the world. They just won’t do it our way.

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