Today in the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) meeting at the kiddos’ high school the club sponsor had to explain to the kids that she was concerned they might not be able to have their planned activities for the “Day of Silence” because the school district might withdraw permission for any of the schools in the district to participate. The district is experiencing a lot of “pushback” from a  “School Health Advisory Council” that is made up primarily of “concerned citizens and parents.”

The council’s objection to the Day of Silence apparently is that last year a parent complained that their child, “learned sexual terminology that was inappropriate” and “made them uncomfortable.”

The ‘terminology’ in question you ask? The words too upsetting to even say at school?

‘Homosexual’ and ‘Transgender’

The words were not suicide, bullying, hate, or violence.

The kiddos are angry, frustrated, and hurt. I am all that and more.  So scared for my kids. For my transgender son. For all of us.

To the credit of the school and the sponsor,  the principal is working to advocate with the district to try to protect the Day of Silence.

If you are interested in trying to help, share this story and write an email to:

Dear Board of Trustees,

Recently it has come to my attention that Round Rock Independent School District  (RRISD) is considering refusing to allow district schools to participate in the Day of Silence due to concerns that discussions about this might be inappropriate.

Information about this day of remembrance is available at:

Many students in RRISD are gay, lesbian,  bisexual, queer, and transgender (LGBTQ). Many parents, family members, neighbors, clergy, and teachers also identify as LGBTQ. If the Board allows LGBTQ people to be deemed too “inappropriate” to be spoken about in school the Board will be sanctioning bullying.

Please stand with our children and allow them to continue to have their Day of Silence activities.


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